Waterfront house with boat mooring

Location: Marinagri in Basilicata Region (South Italy)

- New Building (76,15 sq.m.)
- 2 Bedrooms - Kitchen / Livingroom
- Bathroom
- Terrace (25,84 sq.m.)
- Private garden (133,86 sq.m.)
- Private boat mooring (10 m)
- Internet Wi-Fi

The Marinagri luxury Eco-resort is unique on the Ionian Sea. The crowning glory of Mediterranean tourist hospitality. Here, close to Policoro, the ancient Greek city of Heraclea, sea and landscape meet with exceptional facilities to offer exclusive holidays in Basilicata. The resort extends over 350 hectares and includes Marina Village, Laguna Village, the Marine Natural Reserve and the prestigious Golf Reserve. Unspoilt marine eco-systems along the Lucano coast and eco-building technologies come together to create Marinagri, a dream come true. 

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