Property for sale in southern Italy - Puglia / Hotel Restaurant for sale in Italy

  Key features:

- 10.000 sq.m. Land
- 9 rooms
- 10 Bathrooms
- 1 Reception halls
- 1 Bar
- 1 big Kitchen
- Restaurant 
- Large Basemen
- Garage
- Parking

Full description:

The property for sale in Italy is located in the National Park of Alta Murgia (recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage) in Puglia. It stands 4 kilometers  from Gravina in Puglia, a town of South Italy in  Bari province.
The land is 10.000 square meters.
The building  is 2000 square meters and another 8.000 could be used. 

The property for sale in Puglia is built on two floors with a total of 8 bedrooms with bathrooms (20 beds in 8 double rooms) and a studio with bathroom.

On the ground floor there is:  Management bathrooms, reception / lobby, bar, restaurant, kitchen for the restaurant  and in a right wing  there are 3 bedrooms.  
Outside there are large verandas and enchanting trees and flowers.
Upstairs there are five further bedrooms, 2 closets, a dressing for personal, 2 balconies and beautiful terraces overlooking the Alta Murgia National Park. 
In the basement there is a garage, a warehouse freezers and shelving compartment of the goods water tanks and a great place was still rustic with entry. 

Material , service and comfort: 
- Parquet in the bedrooms.
- All rooms are equipped with heater, flat screen TV with decoder for digital TV, telephone, bathroom with shower, cabinets and bedside tables.
-The hotel is equipped with an alarm system and a new generation installation of 12 cameras located in the perimeter of the structure and outside.
- Generator in case of non-current ensures the efficiency of all equipment.

The property for sale in Puglia is brand new, completed in late June 2010.
The perimeter is stone walls typical of the Murgia.
A large parking is outdoor.
There are many cobblestones from "Trani":  rare, very expensive, typical of our region.


property-for-sale-puglia-1.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-10.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-11.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-12.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-13.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-14.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-15.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-16.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-17.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-18.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-19.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-2.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-20.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-21.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-22.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-23.png property-for-sale-puglia-24.png property-for-sale-puglia-3.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-4.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-5.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-6.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-7.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-8.jpg property-for-sale-puglia-9.jpg property-for-sale-puglia.jpg



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